SIMONE RUSSO, born in Maglie (Le) on 04/05/1981, living in Soleto, learned the ability for manual work and the pleasure to create pieces of art from his father, who is a cabinet maker.

Simone has always been fascinated by Nature. He finds especially interesting what is hidden in nature’s harmony and beauty, he is conducting an artistic research that is in continuous evolution, with which he aims to analyze and understand, the essence of what we are surrounded by.

Nature as a great teacher and its relationship in being, with man and contemporary society, are the nucleus around which revolves his artistic investigation, in a creative process that from time to time aims to express itself through new contents and reflections that could touch the mind of the observer.

Although starting from the study of the classical figurative tradition, as a source of “technical” knowledge and principles of “absolute harmony”, he leads new experiments, looking for of an union between traditional figurative art and new forms of contemporary artistic expressions.

His Passion and continuous study and research, has pushed him to create and express himself through the use of different media, ranging from painting to wooden sculpture to new digital computer graphics media.

The whole of his training courses and the various work experiences conducted in recent years, together with his passion and love for every artistic forms, has guided him to devote himself to the profession of Artist and Teacher (secondary school second degree).

He currently works between Lecce, his province of origin, and Milan, where he teaches.



Simone has always been in love with artistic disciplines, he began his artistic training at the State Art Institute “G. Toma” in Galatina (Le), then he continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce where he graduated with the specialization in Scenography, a choice of studies connected with his interests for different artistic disciplines.

During his studies and for several years, he collaborated with the family business “Creations Wood Furniture”, a laboratory of cabinet making, trying to combine his art with the quality of design and craftsmanship.

Thanks to his constant pleasure of learning new notions, whether they come from the study of texts, or from the direct experience on the work field, he was able to access and obtain the qualification for teaching class A08 (ex 18/A – Geometric disciplines, architecture, furniture design and stage design).